The MSC Visual Arts Committee will soon host a brand new photo exhibition in the Texas A&M Memorial Student Center called “Moments in the Wilderness” by Loyd Sneed. The exhibition will connect you with nature by displaying photos from all facets of the environment. Sneed’s goal was to take you on a journey and allow you to see everything through a camera lens. The exhibit will be a journey through nature with photos of mountain landscapes at sunrise or bright moss colorfully and specifically placed in the rocks by Mother Nature. Sneed appreciates the world around him and that appreciation is displayed in his photographs. The connection that will be made between the photos and the viewer will leave them with a greater appreciation for the environment and photography.


An Aggie in our midst, Sneed received his doctorate in veterinary microbiology from Texas A&M in 1985. Years of schooling did not distract from his growing passion for photography that began for him at age 12. His talent has grown over the years and he has touched the hearts of many with his astounding representations of the beauty that surrounds him.

In this exhibition, Sneed had a goal to show viewers the order in the chaos of the universe which is an uncommon skill. His view of the world is said to be accredited to his long career in science, but it is truly amazing how gifted he is in both science and the arts.

The MSC Visual Arts Committee is a student organization at Texas A&M that attempts to bring art to the MSC to inspire and educate the students and faculty of the university along with College Station residents and visitors. The committee brings in exhibitions that viewers never forget. They display in the Reynolds Gallery located on the second floor of the MSC and are open Tuesday – Sunday.

Loyd Sneed’s “Moments in the Wilderness” exhibition began on November 2 and will continue its display through January 14. Admission for the exhibition is free and open to the public. Discover a new love for nature as you form a connection with Sneed’s artwork that portrays nature with great beauty and clarity.