Famous for their palate-pleasing local brews, New Republic Brewing Company has also done a stellar job of filling their tasting room with both local and out-of- town musicians coming up through the ranks.

Knowing that good beer deserves good music, they are kicking off the season in 2017 with singer/songwriter Julia Lucille out of Austin, Texas. Even though she is residing and developing herself in the Austin music scene, the 29-year-old dream-folk/indie artist grew up in California before moving to Portland, Oregon for college. Currently focusing on spending a lot of time on the road, Lucille is touring across Texas and beyond, even making stops at festivals like SXSW and venturing to music hotspots like the Big Easy.

While young in her years, Lucille has developed a sense of self-awareness that is consistently coming up missing in the modern music industry. Her travels have allowed her to avoid the depths of self-absorption that are commonplace in today’s artists, and instead a sense of wisdom shines through her vocals—fueled by her experiences.

Her album, “Bedroom Tapes: Volume 1,” was released nearly a year ago and is composed of 12 tracks—all written and record by Lucille herself. The album, unlike anything we’ve ever heard before, has a heavy focus on the instrumental side of the tracks, almost allowing the vocals—when present—to be the accompaniment. The entire feel of the album is comparable to a flashback, blending essence of the 60’s and 70’s, with a lot of inner-senses stimulating vibes. If you find it hard to imagine what that sounds like, we highly recommend checking out the record on Lucille’s Facebook page. Her newest project, “Chthonic” is slated for an early April release.

Her fans know that she goes through phases in her inspiration, knowing that she’ll eventually delve back into isolation from time to time to focus on new projects. The game is to catch her while you can.

With a sound that almost guarantees to slip listeners into a state of introspective euphoria, her stripped-down sound has been a hit with music critics as well. NPR All Songs Considered was quoted saying that Lucille has “a soft, calm voice, but…the music behind her is tempestuous. It felt like a gathering storm behind her.”

In an intimate setting, such as the NRB Taproom, it’s hard to imagine that Lucille’s set would be anything but riveting—a must see to say the least. The show is on January 21 and starts at 7pm.