During the fall season, many people spend weekend their afternoons watching their favorite football teams hash it out on the gridiron. Football has become more than just a sport for people across the country. American families and friends bond over football games and watch parties, and it has become the highlight of most of our years. College Station Parks & Recreation is bringing families and friends together by showing two different games this season at Wolf Pen Creek, where people can go watch these games outdoors for free. The games will be projected onto a 32-foot inflatable screen, and those who attend will be able to bring in coolers, 48-quarts or smaller, so they can enjoy food and drinks of their choice. The first game Wolf Pen Creek is scheduled to show is the Houston Texans against the Denver Broncos on October 24. They are also scheduled to show the Dallas Cowboys when they play the Philadelphia Eagles on October 30.

How could a football watch party get any better than that? This fun evening out is perfect for all ages and is a great outing whether your friends are cheering with you or against you. These events are great for College Station residents to enjoy an evening out without any hassle or cost, and the lack of preparation before the games makes it the perfect place for college students to watch football and relax before heading back to class for another week.

College Station Parks & Recreation work tirelessly to bring new and exciting ways for residents to enjoy their city in safe and unique ways. This is why you should head on out to Wolf Pen Creek on October 24 and October 30 to enjoy these fun filled evenings and watch the most beloved NFL teams by Texas football fans in a free and laid-back atmosphere. Admission to the games will be free with the gates being opened at 6pm and both games scheduled for 7:30pm. The best part is, it is a family atmosphere, therefore, pets are permitted and you can bring your own refreshments.