Head on over to Rudder Auditorium February 6 and 7 for an uproariously fun story full of thematic, comedic and strategic acting.

This hilarious act contains themes for mature audiences only, so be sure to tell Granny to turn down her hearing aid for this one.

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” is a story centralized around the devilishly devious Monty Navarro, who is a heir to a massive family fortune. However, Monty, the impatient little fellow, sets out to jump the line of succession by cleverly taking out (destroying) the eight pesky relatives that stand in his way. He is determined to not let anything, or anyone for that matter, get in the way of him and his prize.

Head on out Tuesday Feb. 6 and Wednesday Feb. 7, for an early in the week date night. Curtain call will be at 7:30 sharp every evening. This musical comedy opened on Broadway back on Nov. 17, 2013 at the Walter Kerr Theatre. The rhythmical manuscript has been praised for its lyrics and context.

Throughout all the thwarting and (dare I say it) killing, Monty is also forced to juggle the love triangle that he has gotten himself ensnared in with his deliciously suspicious mistress and cousin fiancé. Awkward.

Throughout this evening prepare to have your emotions and mind taken for a ride. Does Mr. Monty ever get caught? Will he land behind bars for his dirty deeds? And will it all prove to be worth it if he can slay his way to the top?

This comedic performance won the 2014 Tony Award for Best Musical. It has also been awarded Best Book, Best Lyrics, and Best Director of a Musical.

The costumes are exquisite, the acting is phenomenal, and one is said to find that it is a morbidly hilarious experience.

The New York Times raves “It will lift the hearts of all those who’ve been pining for what sometimes seems like a lost art form.”

Come see the show that everyone is talking, gasping and laughing about. Don’t miss the act that is traveling all around the country this 2018, tickets are up and available for purchase at http://msc.tamu.edu/event/a-gentlemans-guide-to-love-and-murder/.

This act is sure to have you DYING (ehh see what I did there) with laughter.