“Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It” is the fifth studio album from the British Experimental Rock band Rolo Tomassi. In 2005, Rolo Tomassi began their journey, and the band has been pushing musical boundaries since then. They combine clean and unclean vocals, and their mixture of sounds and styles makes it difficult to categorize their music into one sub-genre.

Rolo Tomassi experiments with rock, synth pop and hardcore punk sounds, while finding the middle ground between beauty and chaos. That middle ground is what makes them truly different from any other band currently in the scene.

The album kicks off with an unusually long instrumental track that seamlessly leads into the rest of the album. The album is soft and calming at the beginning. It does not hit hard until the third track, which is mostly unclean vocals. They blend chaotic screams with beautiful clean vocals and instrumentation throughout the rest of the album. Each song soars, but three of them are over seven minutes long and still able to engage listeners all the way through by rising and falling in a pleasing but unexpected fashion.

“Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It” is a nearly perfect album for this band. Critics are surprised Rolo Tomassi has stayed around this long, but many have claimed this could be a career high for the band.

Rolo Tomassi’s discography is full of rock albums that appeal to the masses in terms of rock music due their range and varying styles. Every rock fan may not enjoy entire albums from this band, but we are willing to bet there’s something here anyone can fall in love with.