Fans asked and Aaron Watson delivered. Yet again, he’s knocked it out of the park with his country twang that echoes through the speakers. Fifteen years after his debut album, “Shut Up and Dance,” Watson has released “Vaquero” and his sound has yet to stray from the original melodies we have all fallen in love with.

Starting his career in little bars around the state as the Honkey Tonk Kid and now headlining at Rodeo Houston, Watson is becoming more and more of a household name. Even those that may not be a country fan, it’s hard to ignore the core values that are radiating from not only himself, but his family of five also.

With devotions to his wife and their love, to his baby girl, Jolee Kate, and even to the old west and the vaqueros that made western heritage what it is today, Watson is sure to steal your heart as you play this newest set of sixteen songs over and over again.