Spring Break is right around the corner as March gets closer and travelers start making plans with friends and family. Whether it is a casual trip or a “before graduation” bucket list item, a holiday becomes more fruitful when there are pictures and accounts to share. The Polarsteps- Travel Tracker app makes journaling simpler and inventive.

By checking in at each location, even offline, users can map their way around an area, creating a colorful “connect the dots” of a trip. They can invite others to follow the trip and by adding photos and captions, they can update their profile regularly. Users can also make their profiles public, and follow other travelers using the app. For easier post-vacation storytelling and sharing, the app offers to create and ship a personalized photo album with routes included.

According to Apple and Google Play user reviews, the app is now more efficient after the latest update that improved battery consumption. With Spring Break approaching, try out Polarsteps to document a memorable, shareable trip.