There are a lot of aspiring singer-songwriters out there that are trying to pursue their dreams of having their music heard all around the world, but many don’t have the resources to make it happen. Fortunately for them, Spire Music Recorder is a mobile music recording app that brings the sound and engineering abilities of an actual recording studio to your fingertips.

The Spire app allows you to record and wirelessly control, edit, and mix your music to an immense level of perfection and then share it for all to hear. With the Spire studio app, you are able to record with a full-studio-quality microphone and connect guitars and keyboards. You can also create your own sound through their unique and creative effects like reverb, delays, and amps.

The Spire Music Recorder is a great and inexpensive way to produce and mix your own music and have it heard by everyone, and it warrants a 5 star recommendation.