Cost: Free

We all have that one app on our phone. You know, the one you open when you’re bored or want to kill some time. Maybe it’s for social media, like Facebook or Twitter. Or maybe it’s a game app, like Words With Friends or Candy Crush.

Of course with a lot of those gaming apps, you have to wait for another user to play or for lives to be earned to resume the next level. However, not all games have to be like this.

“Stickman Hook” is a free app with no consequences if you lose the round. No lives lost, no waiting for your next turn. Just try and get your virtual dude across the screen by swinging him from hook to hook. At the end of your game, the Stickman does a victory dance, and the app creators dare you to try to outdo him. Be sure to post proof on their Facebook page.

The app is pretty straightforward and doesn’t have a lot of options of settings to go through. It’s just a good way to kill some time or ignore that project you need to start.