Cost: Free (In-app purchases available)

There’s no denying Tom Brady is a beast. He has the most regular season, playoff and Super Bowl wins of any player in NFL history. He holds the record for the most touchdown passes in both the playoffs and the Super Bowl. He has more Super Bowl rings and MVP honors than anyone.

And the man is still going at 41 years old.

Brady’s ability to perform going into his 18th season speaks volumes to his training plan. And now you can train just like him.

“TB12 Method” provides a comprehensive guide of Brady’s exercise, nutrition and cognitive practices, among others. The app features videos, information and advice to model your training habits after his.

The free portion of the app is mostly information and advice for more effective approaches to training. Two subscription options allow access to training plans, customized to specific sports, recipes, a nutrition guide and more.

While “TB12 Method” isn’t a new concept, it feels different due to Tom Brady’s presence. Brady is the GOAT (greatest of all time), so following his advice wouldn’t be the worst idea out there. The subscription prices aren’t cheap, but aren’t unreasonable. It’s definitely worth the download.