Unroll.Me – Free (App Store)

Your inbox will thank you for getting this app. Just connect the app with your email and the app will sort through your subscriptions so you can easily decide which ones to unsubscribe and which ones to rollup – never has cleaning up your email been so easy. Once you have finished, Unroll.me will send you one concise email with the subscriptions you rolled up to view at your leisure. Over the next couple of days you will find that your inbox is much more manageable.


BreakingNews – Free (App Store, Google Play)

First known for their Twitter feed, @breakingnews, the app lets you be the first to know about breaking news that is important to you. Editors work around the clock to pick out emerging stories from social media in bite size bits so you get the information you need fast. Check out stories that are around your area and tag the topics you care about most and mute the ones you don’t.

Sage Solitaire

Sage Solitaire – Free (App Store)

A brand new Solitaire variant that combines the luck and joy of Klondike with the depth of Poker – made specifically for your phone. Because the game is made for your phone means that cards are easily seen and moved. The game keeps you interested with plenty of variety and room to improve. The game is light enough to play casually and yet deep enough to keep you thinking – after all isn’t that what we all want in a card game?