Lifesum   Lifesum – FREE

Lifesum, a great healthy lifestyle app helps you to track what you eat, how you exercise, and lets you know where you have room for improvement. Keeping up with the nutritional value of food that you are eating could not be easier with searchable food calorie counts, complete with nutritional information, and a “grade” for the food.

This app gets an “A” as far as health-trackers go. It’s really easy to use and comes with great features and suggestions on how to make healthy choices.

1Password   1Password – FREE

As the internet is ever-expanding, we know that our security should be tighter. However, keeping track of a plethora of passwords that meet all of the random and various requirements for the apps and logins that we use daily can be a bit of a trying task. 1Password helps you keep personal information safe by storing passwords in one place so that you can quit forgetting which password you used for which site. The app also has a feature that helps you create more secure passwords.

Mapkin   Mapkin – FREE

Navigation tools are great, but they can lack a personal touch that you get when asking a friend for directions. Mapkin gives you both, telling you certain areas that can be difficult to navigate and what landmarks to look for. Mapkin gets this personal touch by letting users input their own tips and then converts them into directions for the next driver. Help yourself (and potentially others) by taking direction from Mapkin.