Art will take center stage this month as ArtFest 2019 kicks off on March 6.

The MSC Visual Arts Committee, a student-led organization, will host the event in the James R. Reynolds Student Art Gallery beginning March 6 and running through April 20. This annual student art competition and exhibition will feature works of various media submitted by Texas A&M University students.

For students who do not have an art or visualization background, this competition serves as a great opportunity to show off their work and annually features diverse and innovative ideas that redefine what art truly is.  

Each student participating in the competition are allowed to enter a maximum of three works from any medium, including drawings, paintings and photography, just to name a few. Each submitted piece will be displayed during the event, with the top three winners announced at the opening reception April 4. Cash prizes are awarded to each of the three finalists.

The MSC Visual Arts Committee was first formed in 1953 and has provided opportunities for students to display their artwork to their peers ever since. In addition to the exhibitions and competitions, the committee also puts on lectures, workshops and other programs to spark creativity across campus.

Visit the second floor of the MSC to see the assorted styles and unique textures of art that Aggies have created. Admission to the exhibition is free, so come on out and support these talented students!

For more info, check out the MSC ARTFEST page at