Take your seats ladies and gentlemen! The Theatre Company’s first show this summer is sure to have you glued right to those seats as you witness some of the most masterful, story-weaving lyrics in the award-winning musical, “Sunday in the Park with George.”

Crafted by composer Stephen Sondheim, this musical tells the story of a character named George and his journey of self-discovery through his artwork. But not just your average George, and not just any artwork. The musical is a fictitious account of the artistic process of Georges Seurat, the French pointillist. You know, those paintings miraculously made up of tiny dots? And the artwork is none other than his famed “Sunday on La Grande Jatte.”

Artistic director of the Theatre Company, Adrienne Dobson, is excited to star in the show as the character Dot, which she calls one of her most difficult roles yet. But, like George in the musical, she took the creative challenge, with her supportive cast at her side.

“The show is about finding your voice as an artist and staying true to yourself and what inspires you,” says Dobson. “In both acts, the character of George is faced with roadblocks to his creativity, and the story follows how the people in his life help him find his way.”

The director of the show, Rob Gretta, has had an emotional connection to each show he’s directed at the Theatre Company, and “Sunday in the Park with George” is no exception. With simplified scenic elements and staging, Gretta says that he hopes the lyrics shine through the performance and bring audiences the same emotion and respect he has for Sondheim’s work.

“All of his musicals are brilliant, and his rhythms and lyrics are very actor-friendly, which makes the stories so much more exciting to tell,” says Gretta. “‘Sunday in the Park with George’ is one of those brilliant musicals with complex music, clever lyrics, and an engaging story.”

Looks like Sondheim created a triple threat! But can one painting really inspire a story worth telling? Indeed, and win a Pulitzer Prize (1985) in the process. And now you have the chance to see it yourself, right here in BCS!

The Theatre Company is known for its affordable yet high-quality productions for people of all ages, and you can see “Sunday in the Park with George” on weekends at 7 p.m. from Friday, June 21, until Sunday, June 30.

To learn more about the Theatre Company’s performance of “Sunday in the Park with George” or to purchase tickets, visit: https://bit.ly/31m7m5M