Although this has been popular in larger cities for a few years now, College Station is just now jumping on the train of people who enjoy the tasty food and beverages brunch offers. Although the food and beverages of a brunch meal are phenomenal, the real appeal is the experience and the atmosphere. Establishments are selling the atmosphere and feeling that customers get when they walk in and order a mimosa. Now, residents of College Station can participate in this social experience at multiple establishments in the area.


Madden’s Casual Gourmet

At Madden’s, located in Downtown Bryan, a brunch menu is available on the last Saturday of every month from 10am to 4pm. Breakfast options include French toast, omelets, chicken and waffles, and even quiche and range from $9-$12 per plate. Some of the options considered lunch foods are tenderloin, salads, fried chicken breast, and a classic grilled cheese. Lunch option prices are a bit more expensive, ranging from $12-$15. Madden’s brunch menu is one of the best brunch menus in the BCS area, and if you are looking for the full experience, this is the perfect choice.

First Watch

First Watch, located on Texas Ave. in College Station, opens at 7am and serves brunch through 2pm. First Watch is an award-winning café that opened this summer for the first time in College Station, with this location being the first to open in Texas. At First Watch, you can expect delicious breakfast options that are served during early morning and extends throughout later brunch hours. They serve omelets, favorites such as eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles, French toast, and they also have an entire section of healthier options like avocado toast, an energy bowl, etc. Most plates are between the $8-$15 range.

Hullabaloo Diner

As a signature restaurant of the BCS area, Hullabaloo Diner is a great option for breakfast/brunch. They are open at 11am Wednesday-Friday and 9am on Saturday and Sunday. They serve many traditional breakfast, brunch, and diner foods. As one of the most popular restaurants in the area, make sure and get there with enough time to get a table and enjoy an authentic College Station brunch. Not only does this establishment have brunch options, but they also give you the entire diner experience that Americans know and love. Prices are of every price point, so you can find something that fills your stomach but doesn’t empty your wallet.

Blackwater Draw Brewing Co.

On Sundays, Blackwater Draw now features a full brunch menu. There is outside seating so that you can enjoy the late morning air and order tacos, eggs and hash browns, chicken and waffles, French toast, buttermilk biscuits and more! They’re known for their quality mimosas that won’t totally break the bank. Blackwater Draw is a well-known establishment among College Station residents that is located right on Northgate and isn’t unrealistically priced.