Many can admit that when it comes to cooking, it always seems to be about the necessity and never about the fun of it. Summer is nearing its end, so why not shake that up a bit? Before it’s time for you to trade in swimsuits for scarves, grab one last taste of the tropics this Sunday at Messina Hof’s Caribbean Cuisine Cooking Party!


Hosted once every month, Messina Hof’s one of a kind cooking parties offer you some of their wine alongside a meal you created all on your own, and this time with a bit of Caribbean flare! Anyone who knows Messina Hof knows that their wines are the best pairing for the Bahamas blues, and food inspired from the beaches of Cuba or the rainforests of Puerto Rico will be right at your fingertips. 


Still a novice? Messina Hof is not about to let you go in blind! If you’re new to their cooking parties, have no fear! Throughout the whole process, you’ll be under the watching guide of a chef who knows all the ins and outs of creating ideal meals straight from the tropics. Are you cooking every day and find yourself caught up in a rut? Or are you instead a few steps ahead and are on the mastery side of cooking with a chef’s hat of your own? Well, at a Messina Hof cooking party, you’ll have a variety of tools, cuts of meat, and all the spices a foodie like yourself can get their hands on! And who wouldn’t want to sip the perfect paired complementary wine alongside each and every course?


If you live in Bryan/College Station or are a student, there’s no way you haven’t at least heard of the BCS staple that is Messina Hof. For the past 40 years, Messina Hof has been making its mark in Texas with award-winning wines ever since its founding in Bryan by Aggies and “power couple” Paul Vincent and Merrill Bonarrigo. Messina Hof is an ever-reliable and uniquely Texas spot for a variety of events at their hotel, restaurant, and vineyard as well as romantic evenings and, of course, some Texas wine!

Messina Hof’s Caribbean Cuisine Cooking Party will take place on Sunday, August 18 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The event will feature a three-course meal with a Messina Hof f wine paired with each accordingly. According to their website, “each guest will receive a recipe booklet to take home and will have a chance to register to win awesome culinary door prizes.” Tickets are $69.95 each. To purchase tickets for the event, visit