College is a time of personal freedom, meeting new people and life changing experiences. It’s also learning how to live with a random person, study for three exams all in the same week and going on late night pizza runs. Food is a scarce commodity for students. Eating in dining halls can get old after a couple of weeks, and mom’s recipes are too difficult and complex for your closet-sized dorm.


Whether you’re a freshman still figuring out this thing called college or an RA who is practically a professional student, these recipes will help upgrade your ramen and have you eating gourmet meals in minutes.


Mac in a Mug

If you drink coffee (college students practically live off it), you more than likely have a mug. Easy and cheesy carbs FTW. Get the recipe.


Taco in a Bag

Yes, you read that correctly. When Taco Bell starts tasting like rubber, whip out this handy little recipe. This easy dish only takes five minutes to make. Can someone say “olé?” Get the recipe.



If a pizza and a quesadilla had a baby, you’d probably be eating it in your dorm. Use your microwave in place of a stove. Get the recipe.


Microwave Salmon

For the days when you check your bank account and it’s not below $0.00. #expensive Get the recipe.


Pizza Mug Cake

It’s 2017 people. The words “pizza” and “cake” are in the same title. What a time to be alive.

Get the recipe.

Ramen Noodles Upgraded

Sure, your parents told you their college horror stories of living off ramen in college, but did they add veggies? Make an old time favorite new and original. Get the recipe.


Breakfast Cookie

You are in college. You are an adult now. You can have cookies for breakfast. Get the recipe.


5-Minute Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Give Chipotle a run for its money with this dish. If you enjoy meat, feel free to add in your favorite protein. Get the recipe.