GRANGER SMITH   by Jordyn Smith

Famed Texas A&M former student Granger Smith makes another pass through Aggieland for a show at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater on October 16. Smith, Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2002, rooted his career in Texas from the very beginning, and he would slowly build his fanbase to carry his shows to the nationwide stage—resulting in nine albums, an alter-ego, and a new record deal as he continues to enhance his brand.

Granger first began his musical journey back in 1998 with the release of his first album “Waiting On Forever.” Since then, he has seen a steady progression in his music. While the country genre has been overhauled since the release of his first album, Granger has found a way to mature his music without losing his trademark sound. A truly independent artist for most of his career, this allowed him to produce the music he knew his fans wanted. This dedication to his roots helped Granger build a fiercely loyal following.

One of the major identifiers associated with Granger Smith is his ties to Texas A&M. Granger wrote the hit “We Bleed Maroon” as a reflection on his time at Texas A&M. From its release in 2006, the song found its way into the hearts of Aggies and stands as a favorite at dancehalls in Aggieland and through the speakers of Ags across the world.

One of the highlights of Granger’s monumental career came during the inaugural SEC Midnight Yell before the opening game against the University of Florida in 2012. Granger had played a set at First Yell while opening for Robert Earl Keen, but at the completion of his performance, everyone knew a certain song was missing.

As Midnight Yell began, Granger emerged with a guitar and a microphone. He sang “We Bleed Maroon” in front of 55,000 Aggies at Midnight Yell. That moment, that song, will remain engrained in the memories of everyone who had the honor of being there on that historic night.

Following the success of “We Bleed Maroon,” Granger released “Don’t Listen to the Radio” in 2009 and “Poets and Prisoners” in 2011. His fan base had grown exponentially and Smith was now able to tour consistently outside of Texas. What helped to propel him forward was his brand consistency. Granger continually put out music that connected to fans all over while continuing to put on great shows.

In 2011, Granger released a video that would take his brand to national prominence. He released “Earl Dibbles Jr.” a video about his alter-ego. From the inception of a simple catch phrase, Granger was able to take his presence to a new level. YEE-YEE!

Granger saw his merchandise sells go through the roof. He was then able to incorporate this character into his shows. Granger even released the “The Country Boy Song” on his 2013 album “Dirt Road Driveway.” The success of this character has led to new opportunities for Granger. Earl Dibbles Jr. even has a weekly “Dip’em and Pick’em” segment that airs weekly on CBS Sports during the college football season.

The success of his music, his brand, and Earl Dibbles Jr. has paid off huge for Granger. In August of this past year, he signed his first major-label record deal with Broken Bow Records in Nashville. Broken Bow’s careful attention to their artist’s music and brands makes them the perfect fit for Granger. Smith is slated to begin recording his next full-length album for his Broken Bow Records debut.

Be sure to grab tickets at at head out to Wolf Pen Creek this Friday, Granger takes the stage 7:00pm!