Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls Sept 4

Making their return with “The Book of Souls,” Iron Maiden re-establishes their classic sound: epic guitar riffs and stellar vocals. The album kicks off with “If Eternity Should Fail,” a track that highlights Bruce Dickinson’s awesome tenor range, accompanied with a background trumpet that adds an ominous element to the song. Tracks like “Speed of Light,” “The Great Unknown,” and “When the River Runs Deep” hold true to the iconic Maiden identity. Other tracks on the album, like “The Red and the Black” and “The Man of Sorrows,” compliment the high-power album with essences of slower rock ballads. Iron Maiden took risks throughout this album, hints of slick acoustic guitar intros turned out to be a nice change of pace before hitting you with the electric guitar. The gambles Iron Maiden took while making this album definitely paid off.

The Weeknd The Weeknd – Beauty Behind the Madness
Aug 28

The Weeknd throws out a few collaborations with superstars and even features a song from a blockbuster movie on this record. “Earned It” made its way onto the album, a track that many will recognize from the movie “Fifty Shade of Grey.” Joining The Weeknd on this album is Ed Sheeran and Lana Del Ray. Sheeran chimes in on the track “Dark Times,” a brutally honest song about timing and its effect on relationships. Lana Del Ray collaborates with The Weeknd on “Prisoners,” displaying the vocal range of both artists—Lana Del Ray’s voice and style fit in perfectly with this track. Overall The Weeknd hits a high note with this release.

Halsey – Badlands Halsey – Badlands
Aug 28

If you are a fan of Lorde or Ellie Goulding, “Badlands” should be at the top of your playlist. This album brings an eclectic mix of pop and electro with singer/songwriter tendencies. “Hold Me Down” and the “New Americana” are great jamming tracks that you’re bound to hear out at the club. “Colors” has catchy hooks with a unique flow to the lyrics that allows this track to break through and stand out in this album. “Gasoline” brings Halsey’s singer/songwriter side out, overall a well-flowing song that has an interesting music to back it up. Halsey is able to harness pain, regret, and strength in this album to showcase a raw emotion that seems to be lacking in other recently released pop albums.

Turnpike Troubadours Turnpike Troubadours – The Turnpike Troubadours
September 18

One of BCS’ favorite Red Dirt bands is back with their third album; Turnpike Troubadours are releasing their self-titled album on September 18. It has been a long three-year wait for many Turnpike fans. The group supposedly holed themselves up at an old chicken farm turned recording studio in Northern California to produce this album. Leading off is a track called “The Bird Hunters,” a Cajun-waltz that you are bound to hear at Harry’s sooner rather than later. Turnpike cranks it up with “The Mercury,” an up-beat track that is heavy with electric guitar with a smattering of fiddle licks. “Down Here,” the first released song from this album is a twangy, up-beat track with great fiddle and steel guitar. Turnpike’s new album does not disappoint. After hearing this album many will be looking forward to the next time they come to BCS.