Residents of Bryan and College Station enjoy a variety of music including folk, indie, rock, country, and Downtown Bryan plays host to a number of these genres. The Grand Stafford Theater is considered to have seen it all, but on November 3, an unusual genre will be introduced and welcomed to the Bryan music scene.

Judah & the Lion, a folk-hop band from Nashville, have been recording under an independent record label since 2011. Each member of the band, Judah Akers, Brian Macdonald, Nate Zuercher, and Spencer Cross, comes from a different part of the country. Their differences extend all the way to their past music exposure and experience and their collective love for all types of music is what led to their unique choice of sound and genre. Their most recent full-length album “Folk Hop N’ Roll” is the expression of all their musical influences overlapping.

Judah & the Lion have displayed an inspiring amount of growth throughout their years of performing together. Their first EP release was a collection of worship songs. Their first full-length albums are made up of the expression of different views and experiences.

The music that they choose to combine into an album reflects them as a band with their different beliefs and backgrounds. They have opened up their minds, and the result is music that speaks to listeners on a deeper level that music listeners often search for.

Joining Judah & the Lion will be indie pop group from Kansas City, Missouri, the Greeting Committee. Four high school students formed the band in 2014 and their first EP led them to Harvest Records in Los Angeles. Since then, they have struck the indie music scene as one of the youngest signed bands in the genre. The unique sound of Judah & the Lion accompanied by the youthful charm of the Greeting Committee will push the show to be one of the most exciting concerts at the Grand Stafford this fall.

Date: November 3rd
Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: $15