For years, Texas has remained the birthplace of great talent. In Houston in the mid-1990s, an alternative rock band emerged that would soon rise to fame known as Blue October. Vocalist, guitarist, and writer Justin Furstenfeld formed the group with his brother, Jeremy, when he began penning angst-riddled songs inspired by the present grunge movement.

This weekend, Furstenfeld lands in the Brazos Valley February 17 to perform at the Grand Stafford Theatre in Downtown Bryan to a crowd eager to hear his stories and share his music.

Blue October released their debut album “The Answers” in 1998, but their breakthrough album “Foiled” wasn’t released until 2006. The following year, it went platinum with two hit singles “Hate Me” and “Into the Ocean.” One of their most well-known albums, “Any Man in America,” is known for its cathartic, emotional energy as it was written during a personally difficult time for Furstenfeld. It’s been said that the album was inspired primarily by his daughter, Blue, and her mother.

In 2014, Furstenfeld went solo, producing his first album alone, “Songs From an Open Book” which topped the Billboard Folk Albums chart. Unlike his past albums with the band, “Songs From an Open Book” is live, aided only by vocals, guitar, and stage interludes where he speaks openly about the challenges he’s overcome in life.

Unlike most artists, creating solo music didn’t mean the end of Blue October. Most recently, in the spring of 2016, they released their eighth album, titled “Home,” in which Justin played a large part in producing. In an interview with Billboard, Justin shared that “Home” was inspired by the desert he traveled through on his way from west Texas to California, and claimed that unlike the band’s past album, “Home” consists of a passionate, uplifting, and empowering sound created to celebrate life.

Furstenfeld currently resides in Texas when he’s not touring, and the Bryan/College Station area is already anticipating his return to town.

The doors open at 7pm and tickets are $30 online and at the door.