Not only does Downtown Bryan host a great party on the first Friday of every month, on the same night, The Grand Stafford Theater hosts a free concert. This month, The Grand Stafford will also feature live music on Saturday. So take the weekend to meet the bands and enjoy the downtown nightlife!  

February’s free First Friday concert showcases Northern National, an alternative band from Dallas, and Night Traveler, from Austin. Both of these groups offer their own unique style of Indie Rock and electronic.

Northern National has not only made a name for itself on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Spotify’s Viral 50 worldwide with it being streamed over 1.8 million times, but in the music industry altogether. They have been featured on Topsify, Filtr, and Coca-Cola’s playlists, and you may have even heard them played on TBS or MTV.  Better yet, they have played alongside big names like Andy Grammer, The Band Perry, Echosmith, MAGIC! and more. Their popularity has skyrocketed since the debut of their 2016 Extended Play titled, “The New Age,” and their second batch known as “D.A.R.K.,” released in June of 2018. For more information, check out their website to listen/stream/purchase.  

Starting off its 2019 state tour with us, NIGHT TRAVELER will be celebrating its one year birthday since its formation the first of February of last year. Despite being relatively newborn, co founders Hunter Glaske and Adam Fischer’s “ghosty” sound, with electronic synthesizers, guitar, and striking vocals is sophisticated. They’re all about emotion and preserving a timeless sound…almost like a new age 80s-like trance. They say, “We’re goofy, we’re real, we express strong emotions and feeling through our music, and we hope that our listeners can relate to our sound.” You can also find these guys on their website and social media.

Saturday’s concert brings Texan singer/songwriters Sara Davis Regan, Brody Price, and Emily Orr to the stage for a very affordable $5 ticket, purchased in advance from GST’s website or at the door. Sara Davis Regan’s indie folk sound thrives on her honest lyrics. Weaving together strong vocals and intriguing melodies, Regan pulls you in and won’t let go. Country artist Brody Price’s music casts a spell with lyrics that stay with you long after the music fades. He says, “I think honest music can make people feel less alone” and the expression of his full-out emotion coupled with his musicality makes Price a singer not to be missed. Emily Orr brings her indie alternative sound to the forefront on her new EP CAVERNS, released on January 25th. These songs incorporate all of life—love, heartache, the good and the bad. These three musicians will honor the community of Bryan with a show just for us from their tours around the state and the country. You can visit their websites and social media pages to check them out, and be sure to listen on Youtube, SoundCloud, Apple, and Spotify.  

Save the dates: Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2. The bustle will start around 5:30 p.m. in Downtown Bryan and The Grand Stafford Theater will host the live music event starting at 8 p.m. We’ll see you there!,,