By Daly Whit

‘Make Your Mark’ – the motto for the newest flame-cooked pizza place in town, Blaze Pizza – perfectly embodies the restaurant’s mission.

Manager Shawn Jordan said that ‘Making Your Mark’ characterizes the heart behind Blaze. “It really is the Blaze experience,” Jordan said. “There aren’t many places I can wear my hat backwards. We all get to ‘Make Our Mark;’ we embrace uniqueness.”

This industrial-style restaurant projects a modern feel with ample space. The operating assembly line, the high-rise ceilings and the concrete floors all add to the industrialized environment.

Jordan explained that Blaze excels in the pizza industry due to their top-notch ingredients. “We truly have quality-made pizza with wholesome ingredients all made in-house fresh everyday,” Jordan said.

Jordan described how Blaze’s chef has a large influence over their quality product and how the chef chooses the ingredients with purpose. “Chef Brad Kent, also known as the Pizza Whisperer, went through about 40 different sea salts to ensure the best product was used,” Jordan said. “I also saw him comparing several different pepperonis to guarantee the best color and quality.”

The menu consists of build-your-own pizzas, signature pizzas, simple salads, desserts, cold drinks and some alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine.

The pizza production process all begins with an assembly line of their fresh ingredients.

A build-your-own pizza offers customers great bang for their buck. An unlimited number of toppings can accompany the generously sized, personal pizza for only $8.25.

Now comes decision time.

Chef Kent curates the crispy crust to customers liking through original dough, high-rise dough or gluten-free dough.

Classic-red sauce, white cream sauce, barbeque drizzle, ranch, balsamic glaze and many more sauces tempt the customers as they progress down the assembly line. The options seem endless. The classic-red sauce has a delightful consistency, neither too thick nor too thin.

Goat cheese, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese – Blaze offers cheeses of every kind.

Then comes the fun part – the endless toppings of meats and veggies. Crumbled meatballs seasoned with flavor, Italian sausages that excite taste buds through subtle spices they exude, sautéed onions, fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes, all of which complement each other to provide a sublime taste of Italy.  

In a few quick minutes, customers can devour their fire-cooked pizza.

So, why go to Blaze?

The service is friendly. The pizza is quick. The quality is exceptional.

Be unique with your pizza. Be unique with your person. ‘Make Your Mark.’ Eat at Blaze.