You might have thought that the New Year’s resolution of being a better student, studying earlier for exams and not pinning cute dog photos or life quotes on Pinterest during class would be easy. Howeverr, let’s face it; that wrinkled little Frenchie is just a little bit cuter than your professor talking about whatever he’s talking about.

Surprise! Midterms are coming up quickly and although you might be thinking you’re alone, you’re not. We understand the mental stages of midterms.

Denial (*cue tears*)

Oh yeah, you thought you’d be a productive student; you even had the syllabus ready and due dates written in your planner the first day of the semester… you over achiever, you. How things have changed; and even though you got that study guide a week ago, you’re just now studying… the night before your midterm. Yikes! Keep telling yourself you’ll be fine, but this stage is called denial.

Guilty as charged

Remember that lecture you missed? Or lectures, if we’re being honest. Are you saying, “This is my fault.”? Well, you’re right, and we know it’s hard to admit.


You know what you did was wrong… slap yourself on the wrist and suck it up, buttercup. Acceptance is the first sign of positivity; it might not last long, but it’s a start.

Procrastination (as if you haven’t done this enough already)

Old habits die hard, HA! Remember that puppy video you saw a few weeks ago during your 8 a.mp? He’s decided to pop his cute, squishy face on your Facebook feed. But wait, that stuffed avocado Foody video looks easy to make. The “How ‘Bout Dat Girl” is back on Dr. Phil; I have to watch it.


Isn’t this how you got here in the first place?
Put down the phone and get to work.


It’s 2 a.m. and you’ve rewritten the same material over and over, attempted flash cards, and as you sit at your table staring at a page full of gibberish, you start to freak out. You hold back the tears but you just can’t handle it anymore.

*Whispers:* You’re having a breakdown.

At some point, you’re going to assume you’re completely lost and you either give up and get some sleep or stay up all night consuming your body weight in caffeine. Either way, that midterm will still be there tomorrow.

Hope (yes… positivity!)

You finished somewhere in the middle, not first and not last. So surely you did better than you thought. You’re done… until the next exam, that is. Then it’s back to phase one.