This weekend is going to be packed with exciting and entertaining things to do in the Brazos Valley, from Aggie baseball and softball taking the field to light trails in Wolf Pen Creek Park. But let’s be real, this weather we’ve been having screams for some inside entertainment!

While Mother Nature sorts herself out, head on over to Hurricane Harry’s on Friday, Feb. 15, and let Mike Ryan warm you up with his smooth, Southern voice and soulful music.

It’s hard to make it in the music industry, but Ryan has found success with hit songs such as “The Rewrite” and “New Hometown.” His music has a way of speaking to listeners on an emotional level, as each of these songs cover how breakups can be. With clever lyrics and an impeccable stage presence, Ryan has quickly become a favorite in Texas country music.

“New Hometown” tells the story of a broken heart, the kind when it becomes too difficult to even live in the same town any longer. With lyrics such as “Somewhere where I won’t see you any time I turn around” and “You broke my heart and drug it around my stomping grounds,” Ryan shares emotion that is all too familiar for many listeners.

On the flip side, “The Rewrite” shows how liberating a breakup can be. Ryan writes how he initially penned a love song to his girlfriend before she walked out. In response, the song was changed to reflect his new feelings toward her, which is comically satisfying to hear.

It’s no wonder why Ryan has become such a hit with fans from all across the United States. The combination of well-written songs and his engaging personality on stage is a blessing to Texas country.

So the weather outside might be frightful, but Hurricane Harry’s will be delightful on Friday. Don’t miss out on Mike Ryan as his shows are always a good time. The show kicks off at 9 p.m., and tickets are on sale now.