It’s difficult to take a classic that has already been reworked two other times and deliver a great piece, but that’s exactly what happened in the 2018 rendition of “A Star Is Born.” The third remake of the 1937 original features Bradley Cooper on both sides of the camera as he makes his directorial debut.

“A Star Is Born” stars Cooper and Lady Gaga as Jackson Maine and Ally, two singer-songwriters on very different paths. While Jackson is performing sold-out concerts and battling several addictions, Ally is working as a waitress and moonlighting as a singer at a drag bar. After stumbling upon one of her shows, Jackson manages to get Ally on stage with him, which not only sparks a relationship between the two, but also jumpstarts Ally’s musical career.

Cooper and Lady Gaga both deliver outstanding performances, not just as actors, but musically as well. Cooper flawlessly brings yet another issue-riddled character to life on the big screen, as he is surely becoming one of the greatest actors of our time.

It’s always a concern when a musician steps in front of the camera for their cinema debut, but Lady Gaga crushed it. Her portrayal of a wanna-be turned superstar is one that is sure to receive some nods come award season.

The film deals with several dark themes, including drug addiction, alcoholism and suicide. For a film that lasts longer than two hours, this could leave audiences depressed, but Cooper, from a directive standpoint, bypassed that by adding many upbeat moments, including many laughs in the first half of the film.

With a star-studded cast and an exceptional script, “A Star Is Born” may just be the best film of 2018.