Imagine a process as simple as pulling out your phone, scanning a QR code, riding off on a bike you don’t actually own and getting to class on time.

Texas A&M is working hard to improve their campus this semester seemingly more than ever. Construction forces students to change their routes to get around closed sidewalks and roads. Also, bus route changes have made it more of a hassle to navigate campus. Getting to class on time is crucial to a successful semester, so TAMU Transportation Services has come up with the perfect solution.

TAMU has partnered with ofo, a Beijing-based bicycle sharing company, to bring bright yellow bikes to campus that can be used by students going to class or anyone on campus just visiting. Cities and campuses all over the country use a variety of bike sharing services that have proven to be convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly. As opposed to the previous bike sharing service at TAMU, ofo offers more bikes and is as user-friendly as it gets.

To use the bikes, simply download the ofo app. Each bike features a built in lock that can only be opened by scanning the QR code or entering the number on the bike within the application. After it is unlocked, you can use it for as long as you like. Once you are done with the bike, park it in any bike rack on campus and re-lock the bike to end your session.

This bike sharing service costs $0.50 per hour, making it an affordable way to get around campus quickly. Longer term options are available including, bike usage for $9.95 a month or $34.95 a semester. If you choose to purchase the longer-term options, you are able to use ofo bikes as often as you like during the paid time period. This service has already began at TAMU, so save your money on buying a bike, avoid campus traffic and pick up an ofo bike instead.