No Tricks, Just Treats   By Adrianna Zampieri

Halloween is the one night of the year that you’re allowed to take candy from a stranger, within reason of course. Whether you’re young or old, taking or giving the candy, hosting a party or walking door-to-door, staying safe should one of your top priorities on the night of October 31. Here are some tips to make your spooktastic Halloween safe:

1. Plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time. The night will go smoother if you actually know where you’re going; there’s no need to wander around like lost souls.

2. Although vampires can see in the dark, humans cannot. So use a flashlight to light your way while trick-or-treating and even small pieces of reflective clothing if you plan to wander around the street.

3. It’s always important to travel in your own zombie horde with a groups of friends.

4. While shuffling from door to door, avoid houses with their lights off. It’s a clear sign that monsters aren’t welcome.

5. Everyone loves a scary jack-o-lantern, but instead of lighting a candle inside and creating a fire hazard on your front porch, use a fake LED candle. It’s safer, and your pumpkin will be just as frightening.

6. Keep your pets safe and indoors all day and night on Halloween. This will keep your honorary family member safe from pranksters, and they won’t be spooked from the hustle and bustle of Halloween.

7. In the evening, drive slowly and cautiously. Keep your eyes peeled for the little ghouls and monsters wandering your neighborhood. They might pop up out of nowhere.

8. When the night is over and you have a nice hoard of candy, make sure it’s safe to eat. Only keep commercially packaged candy, never eat any unwrapped or homemade treats from someone you don’t know.

9. Although it’s tempting to dig right in and devour your candy like a hungry werewolf, you’re better off rationing it. That way you won’t feel sick from a sugar overload, and you’ll have tons of treats remaining to enjoy over the following month.