This family event will welcome anyone and everyone to join in on the magical fun.

Boys and girls of all ages are encouraged to open their hearts and minds towards the innocent fun created by the imagination.

The Princess Ball will be held Saturday April 21 at the ballroom in the Brazos County Expo Complex.

This is the first “My Magical Memory Annual Ball” to be hosted in the Bryan-College Station area. This two hour-long event will be filled to the bibbity bobbity brim of magical fun!

My Magic Memories official website proudly states, “We promote Intelligence, Curiosity, Hope, Kindness, Faith, Adventure and Dreams in ALL our Princes & Princesses! We are more than just a picture, we are a real life example of pure magic.”

Their sparkly definition of magic is simply pure, and uncontainable joy. Magic is not age specific or picky, as it can be experienced by anyone from young to old! Magic is having hope and belief that your dreams can (and WILL) one day turn into a reality if you keep working hard and striving for it.

This event  will feature  both Princess and Prince lessons, so your little ones can learn all their royal table manners. Princess-themed crafts will be provided, so kids  can let out their creative side. And for those of you pretty princesses who aren’t camera shy, our very own My Magical Memory Photographer will be there snapping away to make sure to catch coverage of the whole glamorous event.

There will be spectacular storytelling, sing-a-longs, yummy treats, dancing and so many other memory making activities available. Magical Memory Character Performers dressed as several well known characters will make your children feel special by bringing out all their special and magical qualities.

This company is passionately dedicated to making children’s creative and imaginative dreams become a reality.

For more information or any extra questions regarding the event, don’t hesitate to email the staff at or feel free to call their business number at (512) 619-6275.