Nowadays social media can make us feel a little crazy with its distorted reality. Online, it’s easy to look perfect, even when life is dealing out blows. T.V. and films can also portray a false reality, so it’s comforting to see a show with people who struggle with real life problems and don’t look like supermodels while dealing with them.

A story we can relate to is exactly what StageCenter Theatre’s “Dinner with Friends” is all about—a friendly reminder that we’re not crazy, life is just messy. Beginning on Friday, February 7 through 23, the theatre is proud to present this Pulitzer prize winning drama written by Donald Margulies and directed by Heath Lagrone.

The intricately written drama explores the path of two couples who happen to be best friends. Gabe and Karen, a happily married couple who live in Connecticut, and Tom and Beth, who seem to have a fairly rocky relationship. When divorce is thrown into the mix, these friends are forced to pick sides. The story walks us through the ups and the downs while weaving in a bit of comedy here and there. Whether they are kicking back at Martha’s Vineyard or pushing through the harsh winter, their friendships seem to lighten the load that life continues to dump on them. In the play as in real life, a good quality dinner with close friends always tends to brighten our day.

With its extremely relatable storyline, the play gives us the opportunity to lean back and think, “been there.” The mix of love stories, travel, children, work, and a dash of marital issues is sure to hit home for all of us on one of those fronts. “Dinner with Friends” is not a fairytale story that concludes with a sunset ride off. It is full of real conflict, true struggles and uncomfortable discussions. This unique story portrays our own experiences and how all of us wander through life, seeking happiness and satisfaction. Do you think they find it in the end? You’ll have to find out for yourself. Ticket prices on Thursdays are $10, Friday and Saturday tickets are $12-15. The theatre lobby opens at 7 p.m., show starts at 7:30. StageCenter Theatre requests you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start.

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