If there is one feeling most can relate to, it is the feeling of being lost in the professional world and longing for the simpler times of childhood. This feeling is the central theme of Brie Larson’s new film, “Unicorn Store.” Her directorial debut, the film is simple but successful in telling a story about that longing for the creative freedom of childhood.

Larson portrays the protagonist, a woman named Kit, who believes she has failed at life. After failing at being an artist, she decides to become a “real adult” by working as a temp for a public relations firm, but finds this to be just as unfulfilling as she expected. However, her outlook changes when she gets a letter form a mysterious shop owner, played by Samuel L. Jackson, who promises that he can get her something she has wanted since she was a child: a unicorn.

While the central themes of “follow your dreams” and “be yourself” are predictable and have been done many times before, the film has so much charm that it’s easy to look past all the other variations. The themes are portrayed in a way that are original, and the story is engaging enough  to keep viewers wanting to see what happens next. Reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, this is a goofy and over the top story that invokes a sort of childlike wonder in its viewers.

Of course, the film isn’t perfect. The dialogue can be quite cheesy sometimes, and doesn’t really bring any groundbreaking new ideas to the world of film, but it’s enough. It’s a cute story that most can relate to, and that’s all it needs to be.

Overall, while not amazing, “Unicorn Store” is a heartwarming story, and an impressive start to Brie Larson’s career as a director.