Vince Gill – “Down to My Last Bad Habit”

Country legend Vince Gill is back with “Down to My Last Bad Habit.” The Country star’s latest 12-track album brings some serious soul back into the country genre. Gill’s impressive vocal range is showcased on each track. The album kicks off with the up tempo track “Reasons for the Tears I Cry,” a great kick-off track that sets the tone for the album, followed by the title track. This ballad is a heart-wrenching tune, highlighting the honesty and authenticity that has gone into this album is apparent. It drives the album forward well. Gill brings in fellow country artists Cam and Little Big Town to collaborate on “I’ll Be Waiting for You,” and “Take Me Down,” respectively. Gill also tips his hat to the late George Jones “Sad One Comin’ On (A Song for George Jones).” Gill has knocked it out of the park once again.


Lee DeWyze – “Oil & Water”

Lee DeWyze – “Oil & Water” February 12

Former American Idol winner Lee DeWyze is back with “Oil & Water.” The American Idol alum is reaching new heights with this record. This album has a very singer/songwriter feel to it, coming through in tracks like “Again,” “Stone,” “Learn to Fall,” and “Hollyridge.” The title track encompasses the album as a whole. There is an emotional rawness to the track—and the album. His ability to reign in this rawness is what accelerates this album to another level. His vocals bring a somber perspective that adds to the emotional rawness and the layering of emotions with the music and the lyrics rounds out the album nicely. DeWyze has really come through in his new record, it will be great to see how he builds on his career moving forward.


Datin – “The Roar”

Datin – “The Roar” February 12

Rap artist Datin is back with “The Roar.” The 14 track album has a quality about it that is not really heard the first time you listen to it. The lyrics of each track are meticulously written and placed to bring a great flow to the album. Unlike many of the current releases, this album does not get the label of “explicit content.” This brings out something in Datin, his careful thought into his lyrics bring out his points without letting the listeners get lost in the fillers. Datin brings in many fellow rappers Stefan Otto, Sean C. Johnson, Bizzle, Sevin, Franky Bells, and many others and the collaborations bring the tracks to another level. They help bring a different perspective to the record. If you have been wanting to find a great flowing, lyrically inclined rap album, The Roar is for you.


Lacey Sturm – “Life Screams”

Lacey Sturm – “Life Screams” February 12

Rocker Lacey Sturm has released “Life Screams.” She brings her own flare to the rock genre with this album. The 11 track album is a collection of tracks with impressive breakdowns, great vocals, and it dabbles with different styles. From “Impossible” to “I’m Not Laughing” to the title track “Life Screams,” you get a real sense of Lacey Sturm as an artist. Her vocal ability is impressive and the music accompaniment backing her is flawless. She has also balanced her album well with a healthy blend of up-tracks and ballads. Included as a treat is a live version of the track “Roxanne.” This track shows Sturm’s live ability and ability as a performer that will accelerate her to new heights.