Whitney Rose developed a passion for country music on an island in Canada, but she certainly doesn’t sound like an import. Much has been made of the fact that Rose isn’t from the South, but that can probably be attributed to the fact that she sounds like such a local. Rose’s music has a sultry, soulful twang to it that perfectly fits the smoky atmosphere of a honky tonk

One of Rose’s most recent EPs, “South Texas Suites,” was recorded in Austin, Texas, which Rose has decided to call home. Rose’s dedication to the culture surrounding country music is impressive. On “My Boots,” Rose boasts a love for her boots that will not be repressed by the rest of the world’s expectations. The track is probably intended to come off tongue-in-cheek, but pretty much anyone who has lived in Texas has heard a similar sentiment expressed with complete sincerity.

Rose has long been a fan of country divas like Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton, and she projects a vintage vibe with both her classic sound and 60’s inspired wardrobe.

Emphasizing how well Rose fits in with the country music scene might make it seem like her sound is forgettable. It isn’t. Rose’s music is inventive, from the vocals to the instrumentation, and her latest releases prove her individuality. “Can’t Stop Shakin’” and “Arizona” her latest singles, are full of a brassy big band sound that makes Rose stand out from the crowd. Both tracks are included on Rose’s upcoming album, “Rule 62.” They are an encouraging insight into the expansion and update to Rose’s sound that we hope continues throughout the album.

Rose will be playing at Cavalry Court, a new retro-military themed hotel near Texas A&M’s Polo Fields, on September 2nd at 7pm.