Downtown Bryan will once again have a great evening of music as the Zack Walther Band will be performing at the Grand Stafford Theater on Thursday, October 25.

The New Braunfels-based band will bring their Americana-influenced sound that can both rock an audience and soothe the soul. The diversity of music within the band’s performance is done beautifully, and results in a wide variety of fans. Just as the nature of their songs can be polarizing, so too is lead guitarist and vocalist Zack Walther’s voice. With deep and soulful tones in one song, to strong, high notes in the next, Walther can captivate any audience with just one line.

Joining Walther on the stage is Matthew Briggs on drums and piano, Shawn Hart on bass and vocals, and, as of recently, Mike Atkins on keys. Walther and Briggs go back to elementary school, and have been performing together since junior high. That long-term relationship shows as the two have incredible chemistry on stage.

In the past 15 years, the Zack Walther Band has released or collaborated on 12 studio and live albums, and can currently be heard on two outdoor shows on television. The success of the band can be contributed to the hard work and never-give-up attitude of each member.

The Grand Stafford Theater is the perfect place for the Zack Walther Band to perform. The venue has a great atmosphere and the setup of the stage further promotes audience engagement. The classic charm of the Grand Stafford, coupled with the rock and Americana vibe of the band, is sure to make for a great show.

Doors open at 7 p.m., so grab your friends and get there early to see why the Zack Walther Band’s fan base continues to grow across the state.