Clay it has been quite an exciting ride for you over the past two years. From starring in a reality show, to finishing up grad school here at Texas A&M, you have managed to stay one busy man. Catch everyone up to speed on what’s going for Clay Honeycutt in 2017!

CH: Well since wrapping up my graduate degree at A&M, I managed to spend some time traveling and working a lot with my agencies. I spent a few weeks living in Miami and also Greece for three months, which was very exciting. Outside of that, I have planted my roots back in Texas and currently call Dallas home.

CO: I’m sure those were all amazing places to live and visit. What was it about Dallas that made you want to call it home?

CH: Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed visiting Dallas and spending time in the city when I wasn’t back in Aggieland. Plus my sister and a lot of my close friends live here. Outside of that, a great job oppurtunity in medical sales really helped seal the deal!

CO: With this new job in sales, does that mean no more modeling/television gigs?

CH: For now I’m really focusing on my career in this particular industry, however I’m still signed with several agencies and jump on any opportunities that arise when my schedule allows.  

Nice! You were recently selected to be the face of menswear line Mizzen + Main. Can you tell us about that?

CH: That whole experience was really incredible and I was honored to be a small part of such a huge brand like Mizzen + Main. The whole team is really welcoming and made me feel right at home any time we were on set. Not to mention I’ve been a big fan of their clothes for a while so it was pretty cool to access and see all the new things before they were available to the public.

CO: Speaking of clothing, you and I had a lot fun last summer working together developing your site, which featured some shopable apparel and fan memorabilia. Have you ever given any thought to pursuing that further? Maybe starting your own line one day?

CH: Man those were the good old days and we actually did have a lot of fun working on that project! I’ve actually thought about doing something in the clothing industry before, however it’s really all about timing for me. Maybe you can help me get the ball rolling!

CO: Hey anytime man and speaking of future plans, what’s in store for the future of Clay Honeycutt? Any exciting plans or projects you want to share with the readers of Maroon Weekly!?

CH: You know I’ve actually been focusing on my personal health and fitness, which is something I’m also passionate about. Being a former athlete really instilled that drive in me to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle. With that being said, I’ve recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the athletic brand Starter and will be coming on board as a guest blogger for their new site launching later this year. That is a project I’m really eager to start!