If you’re in the mood for raw, story-centered songs sung by two noteworthy artists, come to The Tap on December 4 to watch American Aquarium and Jamie Lin Wilson perform.

BJ Barham, front for American Aquarium, just released the band’s latest album called “Things Change,” and he describes American Aquarium’s sonic presence as “a twangy rock and roll band.” After many things in his life changed, such as his former bandmates leaving, his marriage, and the birth of his baby, Barham finds that his listeners are more likely to connect and relate to his songs.

Barham says, “When I set out to write this record, it was the first time I had something to write about beyond life on the road.” “Things Change” stands out as the most political record Barham has written. The album centers itself in the exploration of narrative as told by the artist’s unrestrained voice and unapologetic music. He calls it “one hundred percent truth,” gesturing toward his frank presentation of his own life’s story and references to the post-2016 political climate.

Opening for American Aquarium at 8:30 p.m. is Jamie Lin Wilson, herself an Aggie (‘03) who is very familiar with the unique excitement and tradition that College Station offers. The A&M legacy traces generations of her father’s side of the family. While she graduated some time ago, she says of her Aggie audience, “The kids that go there are still the same.” She rarely performs in shows and is excited to return to the town she knows so well.

Wilson lets her voice drive her songs with its power and honesty, simultaneously creating an indie vibe without forgetting her southern, particularly Texan, roots. “I try to write plainly,” says the wife and mom of four. “It’s exactly how I would say it to you, but it rhymes.” Wilson recently released a new album entitled “Jumping Over Rocks.” She follows the path paved by Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell, but Wilson has also drawn comparisons to independent artists like Emmylou Harris.

Barham says of Wilson, “There’s no better female singer-songwriter.” Barham and Wilson are friends, and Wilson sings on American Aquarium’s new record.  The two artists are looking forward to playing a show together. As far as what the audience can expect, Wilson says, “The songs that we write are a more storyteller type.” The event promises the electricity generated by the camaraderie of creative artists telling their stories and singing their songs.

Come visit The Tap this Tuesday night to see American Aquarium and Jamie Lin Wilson present narrative-driven lyrics and music that embraces an independent spirit with a southern accent.  Don’t miss the chance to experience these artists’ works live. Tickets are $15 at the door.