Jimbo Fisher isn’t the only new staple at Texas A&M University football games. A new concert series has created an exciting and energetic atmosphere for Aggie football fans during game days. Texas A&M’s Athletics department has partnered with the student committee, MSC Town Hall, in order to program live music right at Kyle Field every single home game.

This football season has brought us blues musicians, local College Station bands, country artists, and more! The game day concert series features a stage outside in the Fan Zone, located by the E. King Gill statue and an inside acoustic set in the Hall of Champions. The Fan Zone is open to the public to enjoy and hypes everyone up before the game starts. The music occurs 3.5 hours before kickoff and lasts until the football game commences. The Hall of Champions, located on the west side of Kyle Field, is also open to the public 3.5 hours before kickoff. This venue is air conditioned, stocked with concessions and filled with easy-listening acoustic music. Then, 90 minutes before kickoff, the Hall of Champions becomes a ticketed area for guests.

The Athletics department and MSC Town Hall has brought Oliver Penn, Sam Turner & the Cactus Cats, Austin Meade, and Christian Sparks & the Beatnik Bandits to previous concerts in the Fan Zone. You can look forward to hearing the Bryan/College Station band, Wartime Afternoon at the next game against Ole Miss on November 10. Wartime Afternoon has been a fan favorite in the local music scene here for their upbeat indie rock sound. Following the Ole Miss game, the Aggie alum-filled band, Corusco, will take the stage on November 17. Corusco brings alternative rock to the concert series for the first time. To finish off the season, the Texas based band Surfaces will be performing on November 24 before the Aggies take on LSU.

In the Hall of Champions, the concert series has brought Andrew James, Michael Witt, and Lonesome Rhodes. Many of the talents brought to the Hall of Champions are former Aggies or current students. The final three game days will feature Justin Gilbert and Kaila Powell, Wesley Robbins, and Trey Rose respectively.

Join this concert series for some free music during your game day experience for these last three Aggie home football games. The game day concert series truly adds a touch of excitement to the already buzzing atmosphere, and features a wide variety of artists for everyone to fall in love with.