As part of their Wendigo tour, folk duo Penny & Sparrow will be performing a concert at Rudder Theatre. MSC Town Hall of Texas A&M University will host the event on November 11 at 7 p.m. Penny & Sparrow have accumulated a solid fan base over the past few years, and continue to win the hearts of many with every new release.

Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke began creating music together in 2011 at the University of Texas. Baxter and Jahnke originally had no plans to enter into a career of music—Baxter studied film and history while Jahnke received a degree in biology, but their musical and lyrical talents could not be ignored. Since 2011, Penny & Sparrow has released five albums. Their record “Let a Lover Down” was produced by Civil War’s John Paul White, and it received critical acclaim for its production, composition, and lyrical depth. With national tours and dedicated fans, Penny & Sparrow have exceeded their own expectations with their musical career.

Their latest album, “Wendigo,” was released in 2017 and catapults listeners into an artistic masterpiece that explores the monster inside all of us. With enchanting music composition and lyrics that can make you shed a tear, “Wendigo” does not disappoint. Uniquely, Baxter and Jahnke each have a very specific role in the band. Baxter predominantly serves as the mastermind behind the raw, emotional lyrics, while Jahnke works his magic to create the music. The two are a match made in heaven.

Not only is Penny & Sparrow’s music more than enough for an amazing concert, their witty and hilarious personalities engage the audience throughout the show. While watching Penny & Sparrow, be prepared to laugh, cry, have a self-discovery, and fall in love, all in one sitting.

The student committee of MSC Town Hall presents the concert in Rudder Theatre on November 11, and anyone is welcome to attend. Student tickets are $17 and Regular tickets are $27. You can purchase yours now at the MSC Box Office located in Rudder Tower or at the MSC Box Office’s website.