Stoney LaRue by Jordyn Smith

Stoney LaRue returns to BCS on September 18 for a show at Hurricane Harry’s. LaRue is a BCS favorite, playing Harry’s on a regular basis. LaRue is preparing for the release of his new album, “Us Time,” which is scheduled to drop on October 16. This album is a shout-out to his most loyal fans who he refers to as the LaRue Crue. This is his way of thanking them for continuous support throughout his career. The album will include an array of covers, from Van Morrison to Glen Campbell, as well as a few of his own hits like “Oklahoma Breakdown” and “Feet Don’t Touch The Ground.” As well as two new originals, “Us Time” and “Easy She Comes.”

LaRue has rose to Texas Country stardom, selling more than 900,000 records and breaking out to tour across the United States. His last album, “Aviator,” showcased a tremendous growth in his music. “Aviator,” produced by Frank Liddell and Mike McCarthy, displayed LaRue’s ability to record songs that connect well with country fans. “Aviator” was a change from the modern country theme of tailgates, tan lines, and a continuous party.

LaRue, a Texan turned Oklahoma native, has an innate ability to connect with an audience, something that has propelled him to the level of popularity he stands at today. His “real-life, thinking man’s music” is what has helped him create such a loyal fan base.

After a summer that had hit a few bumps in his personal road, LaRue has been keeping himself busy touring across Texas. His tour will later take him to Kansas, Oklahoma, and out west to California. He will be playing various venues, including Brewster Street Icehouse in Corpus Christi, the 2015 Ziegenbock Festival in Houston, and a Tribute to the Streets of Bakersfield Country Fried – Country Music Festival in Bakersfield, California.

There will be no opener for Stoney LaRue in College Station, doors to Hurricane Harry’s will open at 9 p.m. Tickets can be bought in advance online, or at Cavenders Boot City, Aggieland Outfitters on University Dr, or at Southern Jewlz Boutique on Harvey Road.