by Jordyn Smith

Be sure to get out to Lakeside Icehouse on Friday October 9th for the Texas Twisters and again on Saturday October 10th for The Rock-A-Fellas. Both are great local cover bands that ensure a good time for all attendees. Each band plays an eclectic mix of classic rock, country, blues, and other genres with hits spanning multiple decades. Each band is sure to know at least a few of your favorite songs, so grab your dancing boots and head out to Lakeside Icehouse at Lake Bryan!

The Texas Twisters, referred to as “The Party Band of Aggieland,” will be playing their last Lakeside Icehouse show for the year on Friday October 9. The band was formed back in 1987 and have been entertaining the BCS area for more than 27 years. The group was voted The Eagle’s “Best Local Band” in 2007, 2008, 2011, and 2014. They are comprised of founding member Wade Myatt, Manny Lopez, Mitch Connell, and Michael Holleman. They play a wide variety of music in their shows, ranging from classic to contemporary rock, country, even disco and soul. You can hear anything from ACDC, George Strait, or even Blink 182. The talent does not stop there, as the group will even mix in a few of their original tracks they’ve composed over the years. They have built a strong following here in BCS with their high-energy shows, they keep bringing fans back for more.

On Saturday October 10, The Rock-A-Fellas will bring their talents back to Lake Bryan. Based in Austin and BCS, this group brings a good-time vibe to any show. They cover rock, country, Motown, disco, blues, classics, and everything in-between. If it hit the radio anytime from the 50’s to yesterday, these guys are capable of playing it. The Rock-A-Fellas bring an organic authenticity to these covers, instead of just going into autopilot and simply playing through the songs, these guys crank it up to eleven and put their heart, soul, and an original spin on an array of classic hits. The group is comprised of Heath Allyn, Donnie Angonia, Craig Knight, Brian Lippman, and Donnie Wilson. As a group, the gel well together with great harmonies that add layers to songs that we all know and love. The Rock-A-Fellas onstage awareness is what has made them such a great cover band. Being able to read their audience and then captivate it, has given them great success in the BCS area, at Lakeside Icehouse, private parties, and weddings alike.