Thomas Rhett   Big Machine recording artist Thomas Rhett has released his latest album, “Tangled Up.” Rhett pushes the boundaries in this album and executes it well. With a potent mix of party anthems and more subdued tracks, Rhett showcases his vocal range well. Tracks like “Anthem,” “Crash and Burn,” Vacation,” and “Tangled” are great, jubilant songs that bring out the modern country genre that Rhett has embraced more as he’s broken out of his shell. He balances the album well with tracks like “Die a Happy Man,” “They Day You Stop Lookin’ Back,” and “Learned It From the Radio,” using those slower jams to round out the album. The good times roll with “Like It’s the Last Time,” which is hands down the best song on the album. Rhett takes a chance with the funky track “South Side”—with his voice and a great accompaniment backing the track, the gamble pays off. Rhett includes two collaborations on this album with Jordin Sparks and LunchMoney Lewis—both are great additions to the record.

Janet Jackson – Unbreakable   Janet Jackson – Unbreakable Oct. 2

Pop legend Janet Jackson kills it in her new album “Unbreakable.” The 19-track record displays what everyone loves about Janet Jackson’s music: sincerity and passion. Jackson enlists Missy Elliot on “BURN IT UP!” and J. Cole on “No Sleeep.” This album is full of inspiring pop anthems as well as some nostalgic standouts. “No Sleeep” is a classic Janet Jackson slow hit track that connects well with her audience. The albums emotional highlight comes through in “Night.” Throughout the album, Jackson’s ability to display great vocal range and bring in different sounds stylistically helps make this album stand out.

Avicii – Stories   Avicii – Stories Oct 2

Avicii, a dance club favorite, brings a great vibe to this new 14-track album. “Stories” shows maturity and an evolution in sound while sticking to their roots. One of the most interesting things of this album is Avicii’s ability to bring in artists from other genres. Avicii enlists country star Zac Brown for “Broken Arrows.” Brown’s vocal ability shines through and really brings a new perspective to the Avicii’s version of normal. In the track “True Believer,” Avicii calls on Coldplay’s Christ Martin in a funky EDM track. His final collaboration is with reggae artist Wyclef Jean in “Can’t Catch Me,”—bringing a new sound to reggae, this song’s catchy hooks and lyrics make it one of the album’s best.

Collective Soul - See What You Started by Continuing   Collective Soul – See What You Started by Continuing Oct 2

Collective Soul’s ability to combine modern alternative sounds with more classic rock riffs helps propel this album. As a group, Collective Soul vibes well. Their solid instrumentals with relatable lyrics makes you wonder why they are not at the top of the rock genre. The 11-track album is well-balanced and shows a variety of rock styles. The harder-rock tracks like “Hurricane,” “Contagious,” “This,” and “Exposed,” are mixed in well with the record’s emotional tracks, with “Memoirs of 2005,” “Tradition,” and “Without Me” being the deep-feeling highlights of the album. An overall solid compilation.