If you’re like me, you hate cooking. Why? For starters, you have to plan out meals days, sometimes weeks in advance. Then you have to form a shopping list. From there, you have to go to the store, which is often overcrowded. And then you can’t find anything on your list. Then you get home, decide what you want to eat, sweat over a hot stove, just to have to clean the dishes afterward. No thanks.

There’s not an app for all of that, but KptnCook is here to help with the first half of our struggles. With the app, you are able to view three recipes a day, uploaded by food bloggers and taste tested by staffers. Recipes include list and amount of ingredients that change based on the number or portions requested by the user. Step-by-step instructions, with pictures, help ensure you can produce the same product.

KptnCook is diverse in their recipes. From vegan to low-carb and vegetarian to meat, there is a meal for you. The one issue with the app is only being able to see three meals a day. I shop for a week in advance, so that wouldn’t be beneficial for me. If you’re like me in that, it is easy enough to screenshot the recipe and make your next trip to the store that much easier.