“BCS to Broadway and Back” is a locally made, community driven documentary film about the life of Randy Wilson, the artistic director of the Theatre Company in the Bryan-College Station area. Born and raised right here in the Brazos Valley, Wilson served as the artistic director of the Theatre Company for two decades, went on to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” on Broadway, and performed on a national tour in the 1970s.

The documentary offers a glimpse into the life of Randy Wilson, who passed away last year. Wilson was a star. He inspired people to go after their dreams, instead of sitting idly by and watching as dreams escaped us.

Producers James Cho and Cynthia Bradford are not professional documentary filmmakers, but they are two people who believe that Randy Wilson’s story should be shared. He was an important fixture in the arts community here in the Brazos Valley, creating a space for children and adults to discover a passion for theatre. His very soul was theatre, and he wanted to share that with everyone. Cho and Bradford want to continue this legacy after his death.

In the months leading up to the making of the documentary, Cho and Bradford have received a number of donations, and they have even had fundraiser concerts to help finance the production at the Grand Stafford Theatre and in Downtown Bryan. All proceeds went directly to the financing of the Randy Wilson documentary. The two believe very strongly in the story of Wilson, and they find it important that we all believe in it as well.

Wilson had a passion, and he went after his passion with everything he had. He was no different from you or me. He simply had enough nerve to go after what he wanted, and he held nothing back.

The documentary will be showing at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. only on December 10. Tickets may be purchased through the Theatre Company’s website. See the unbelievably inspiring story of local gem Randy Wilson. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself on a Broadway stage one day.