Cost: Free (In-app subscription available)

Open the app store and what do you see? Games, games and more games. Some are mind puzzles good for exercising the old noggin. Others consist of simple taps and swipes, moving candy or other gems around to blow things up and advance to the next round.

These games serve as a way to sit back and relax or escape boredom during the day. They are sometimes easy, sometimes challenging, but always fun.

For those who enjoy the mind puzzles, one app took it to the extreme.

“Puzzle Page” takes several of the fun mind games many people enjoy and present them to you in a day’s worth of challenges. Take on the daily crossword, word search and Sudoku puzzles, while also playing new games you may never have heard of, such as kakuro and futoshiki.

The app itself is free to download, while each puzzle costs tokens to play that can be earned by beating puzzles and watching videos. A subscription can be purchased to unlock all games each day while also earning access to previous day’s puzzles.

All in all, “Puzzle Page” is a great app for those who love to work out their minds while surviving the day.