Cost: Free

Have you ever heard someone complain about how well they are sleeping?  No way, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that hope for feeling refreshed when you wake up is one app away. The app “Sleep Cycle”  was released almost a decade ago and continues to lead the way into dreamland.

There are countless ways to get better sleep, but this app takes a slightly different approach. Maybe it’s not all about the routine before bed but how your body reacts to your alarm clock in the morning. Throughout the night, we go through different stages of sleep. Ranging from light to deep, our bodies move more or less based on the stage we are in, which the app is able to detect. The app’s goal is to help you wake up feeling revitalized.

To help set some expectations, this app is an alarm and sleep monitor. Your phone simply needs to be plugged-in close to your bed, and the app is then able to analyze your sleep based on the sounds and vibrations of your movement. All of this results in the most prominent feature of the app, its ability to wake you up in light sleep, thus defeating morning grogginess. Other features include sleep tracking, sleep aid, heart rate, morning moods and more.

It’s clear from all the positive reviews that we’re not the only ones that appreciate Sleep Cycle. This quite possibly could be our dream app!