Whether it be an Uber trip cost, a restaurant ticket or even rent, millennials and Generation Z-ers are constantly needing to transfer funds to another person. Have you ever needed to make a money transfer to a friend you don’t share banks with? If you have, you know the process to do so can be long and tedious. Thankfully, the mobile app Venmo makes digital payments quick and easy.

All Venmo users must create an account to receive or transfer funds. In order to complete a transaction, both parties must link either their bank account, debit card, credit card or PayPal Mastercard to Venmo. Once users’ identity is verified, they may send up to $2,999.99.

Similar to other social networking sites, Venmo allows users to “friend” fellow users, thereby easing the transaction process with frequent users. Senders must include a message (oftentimes an emoji is sufficient) to fund receivers. The message serves as a reminder of what users are paying for/being paid for. Users may choose to receive notifications of payments in up to three ways: within the Venmo app, via text, and via email. Users can opt to keep their profile feed private, preventing others from viewing the transactional history.

Why not make transferring funds easy this holiday season and try Venmo?