Local musician Michael Witt is making a huge splash with his first EP, “As A Brother.” Lovers of David Ramirez and Noah Gundersen will fall head over heels for Michael Witt’s beautiful lyricism and dedication to authentic and raw music. Witt released his first original single, “Late Rose” earlier this year. The praise for that single alone has created buzz around this College Station vocalist and guitarist.

But it hasn’t all been easy. Getting started on the challenge of creating an EP was not a straight road for Michael. After half-heartedly writing five songs as a base line, he experienced an eye-opening moment through the power of music. “In September 2017, Noah Gundersen released a record called “White Noise,” and listening to that record completely changed my approach to songwriting. I scrapped all of the songs that I’d written, and started writing new ones. Something about White Noise made something in my mind click. So I definitely owe a big part of the inspiration to Noah Gundersen for making that record,” Witt says. From there, he reinvented his method of music making and the rest fell into place. He co-produced the EP with Dallas based producer Collin Brewer. The two worked out of Brewer’s bedroom to record and produce the music. Organically, the pieces of Witt’s puzzle came together to create a masterpiece of music.

An important standard for Witt is his dedication to authentically writing honest music that expresses all parts of humanity—the good and bad. “I think that everybody has a way of portraying themselves in their most honest form. For me, that form is songwriting. To explore and express every part of myself is really the only way that I could go about writing a song. And a lot of times, what comes out isn’t very upbeat. Being human isn’t always the easiest thing, and I do what I can to try and relate to people in the peaks and in the valleys.” His songs, such as “Smoke” and “Late Rose,” encapsulate Witt’s emotive talent to depict the highs and lows of life through music.

In the upcoming months, we can expect plenty of live shows from Michael Witt and his band. Touring around Texas and playing local shows is keeping this singer-songwriter pretty busy. Yet despite his hectic schedule, he is still finding time to create more content. Keep an eye out in the upcoming months for more music from the born-to-be star, Michael Witt.

Witt opens for Thomas Csorba on November 15 at Grand Stafford Theater.