The one thing that can always bring people together is music. On December 15, the Grand Stafford Theater in Bryan brings you a Legacy Fails and Bonnie Blue reunion, uniting these bands and many special guests for a remarkable evening of entertainment..

Rock enthusiasts listen up! Legacy Fails is a metal rock band that knows how to take rock to the next level. This band blends rock with heavy metal through guttural screams, a strong emphasis on the base and drums, and a leading electric guitar that provides listeners with a theatrical performance. Legacy Fails is a highly instrumental band with less focus on the vocals. This is noticeable through the precision each musician portrays with their instrument. Legacy Fails makes each performance unique with their attention grabbing, enticing music. On February 2, 2018, Legacy Fails released their debut album, “You Were a Ghost,” which made fans crave more. This band is definitely a headbanger!

Homegrown rock band, Bonnie Blue, delivers metal with a southern blend. Known as local legends, Bonnie Blue has cultivated the heavy metal community right here in B/CS, and their presence has been missed. Fans of Pantera, Always War, Widespread Panic, and the likes will feel right at home this Saturday night. Bonnie Blue has picked the torch back up and they are ready to throw down at the Grand Stafford Theater!

For more information on these performances, special guests, and ticket pricing, head on over to The Grand Stafford Theater website.