Sesame   Sesame – Free

Gift-giving is the way we celebrate special occasions and holidays, how we say thank you, and sometimes we give gifts just because—but finding the time to get the right gift can be difficult. Sesame resolves the issue by providing unique and thoughtful gift ideas at your fingertips. Gifts that range from small and thoughtful to large and luxurious. For every person in your life, from the girl on the go to the bourbon connoisseur, each special person in your life will love receiving a gift from Sesame.

Sleep Time – Free

Often times, dragging yourself from the comfort of your bed can be more daunting that the overall agenda for the day. With that being said, Sleep Time makes it a little easier by monitoring your sleep patterns and waking you up when you are lightest sleep phase—letting you start the day feeling well-rested. Features include choosing a wake up phase, which is the equivalent of setting multiple alarms over a long period of time, an auto snooze that progressively reduces the snooze time interval, and an alarm stop specifically designed with heavy sleepers in mind. Both a free and paid version are available, the paid version includes an array of alarms choices.

Lifeline – $0.99

In this thrilling yet simple game—posing reminiscence to choose-your-own-adventure books—you’re tasked with helping a stranded astronaut, Taylor, through this strange world he’s stumbled upon. After miraculously surviving a crash on an alien moon, Taylor needs your help navigating his day. The story plays out in real time, so as you go through your day you get updates from Taylor about his discoveries and adventures on the moon. Even the simplest decisions can have dire consequences, so choose carefully.