If you are an iron enthusiast who enjoys working with your hands, creating custom art pieces or a combination of the three, then “Steephollow Forgeworks’s 8th Annual Combo-Demo: Blacksmithing Demonstrating and Metal Arts Exhibition,” is calling your name.

Steephollow Forgeworks is a family-owned business with over 80 years of in-shop experience in custom metal fabrication. Their production capabilities include working with commercial and residential clients in modern and traditional ways. Their family is trained in the blacksmith art of forging iron.  With numerous anvils, swage blocks, gas and coal forges, power hammers, hydraulic and fly presses they are able to create unforgettable custom ironwork.

The Blacksmithing Demonstration will be hosted by Steephollow Forgeworks of Bryan, TX. They are including all of the blacksmithing clubs in Texas and Louisiana in the presentation, and the event will feature up and coming artists as well as old reliable smiths. This is a free one-day event that will include an iron smelt, tailgating, live music, food, live and silent auctions and so much more.

The morning session of the event will feature Wayne Phifer, who specializes in high end residential lighting and fireplace accessories. Alongside Phifer will be 15 year old high school student Mark Ling, who displays excellent hand hammer skills. Ling will be assisted by Thomas Shumate, who will strike for him as they make a hot cut hardy and a cupping tool. After lunch,  Kelly Kring and two of his teaching assistants will forge a meat skewer on a three leg stand with a bowl ring below. There will also be a large amount of used blacksmithing equipment available from dealers from Austin and Kansas, including dozens of anvils and vices, hardy tools and several mechanical hammers.

If the “Blacksmithing Demonstration and Metal Arts Exhibition” is not enough for you, feel free to book a blacksmithing class with Steephollow Forgeworks. All classes cost $175 plus tax and are  day-long classes taught by Lyle Wynn and Stan Bryant. Wynn and Bryant are said to be the best instructors in the United States, and they only come to Steephollow Forgeworks once a year. It is not a class you would want to miss.

“The 8th Annual Combo-Demo: Blacksmithing Demonstration and Metal Arts Exhibition” will take place on Saturday, February 17 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Steephollow Forgeworks in Bryan, TX. For more information about this event visit www.steepforge.com or call 979-776-2864.